Friday, December 23, 2011

best blogger. ever. ha!

yeah i am NO good at keeping up with this blog. funny how i get so frustrated when bloggers i follow stop posting. :) you are all forgiven, by the way.

if we EVER get another placement, i will probably have a lot more to write about! i say that, and i have three kiddos and a full-time job to keep me on my toes. campbell has been in karate since tucker left, and we are loving every minute of watching our little midget "Ki-yah!" all over the place! trey and alyssa are doing very well in school, and making mom and dad very proud.

it's christmas eve EVE, and i am feeling very blessed. we have all three of our kids home with us this year for christmas (they go to their other parents' every other year), and everyone is healthy, for the most part (we have some sniffles, coughs and sneezes, but nothing serious). we are blessed to have jobs, health, children, and gifts under the tree! god is so good.

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